DXI35DT/DXI55DT Delux Inline Instantaneous Hot Water Heater


The Delux instantaneous water heaters are ideal for use where space is a premium and hot water is needed for hand washing in commercial applications such as, offices, shops, factories, schools/universities, hospitals, modular buildings. The unit includes a digital temperature display with accurate touch control.

The temperature rise from ambient is affected by the water flow rate (faster = cooler). It is recommended that a flow restriction / spray head tap nozzle is used to attain the required performance and temperature. 3.5kW <2lpm, 5kW <3lpm max flow. As water temperatures vary dependent on time of year, winter may result in incoming temperatures 10°C or below and summer water temperatures can be upwards of 15°C. This needs to be taken into account when checking delivered temperature. As an example, the unit could deliver 49°C water in the summer (incoming water at 15°C) v’s 44°C in winter (incoming water at 10°C) based on a flow rate of 1.5 litres per minute. Please note, this temperature could be lower if the incoming water supply is less than 10°C.